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2 Sided~Quetzal Tropical Bird Ornament handpainted Needlepoint Canvas~Labors of Love ***SP.ORDER***

  • $74.00

 2 Sided Quetzal Tropical Bird Ornament with Feathers ~ beautifully hand painted by Labors of Love Needlepoint,  on 18 mesh white mono canvas
~~ This is the National Bird of Costa Rica, and a very rare member of the Trogon Family of Birds ~~

This design is painted on 18 mesh mono canvas.  Each piece of the painted canvas area is approx.  3.75" wide by 4.5"  tall.   The total surrounding background canvas is approximately  9" by 11.5".  This piece comes with a Clip On Bracket and Beautiful,  Long,  Real Feathers, which your finisher will attach to your Ornament.
Create your own  "Bird Tree"  to enjoy year around !!!