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Accessories ~ Celtic Trolley Needle Laying Tool Stiletto Needlepoint Thread, Smocking, Sequins

  • $29.95

Offered is a Brand New Stitcher's Stiletto Laying Tool ~ 

The Celtic TROLLEY NEEDLE Laying Tool Stiletto

... made of Pewter, from Hummingbird House in England.

It is Perfect for Needlepoint, Cross Stitch, Crewel, Smocking, Applying Sequins, Sewing, Crafts, Quilting and any other Thread laying and smoothing need. 

This is a Limited Supply piece ~ with an ornate finger band.

Measures 2.5" long and has good fitting finger grip ~ place the Trolley Needle on your index finger and adjust the band to fit comfortably on your finger. Perfect to create satin smooth stitching with many different thread types. Use it for laying all of your threads smoothly and evenly. You will see a wonderful improvement in your thread placement and stitching results when you use a Laying Tool.