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Accessory~Black Leather Tissue Box made for Holding a Needlepoint Canvas by LEE

  • $88.95

                 The Brand New *2018*  Elegant Leather  TISSUE  Box

Offered for sale is a beautiful Premium leather Tissue box, with Elegant Craftsmanship,  from LEE Needle Art ~ a very high quality  Black Leather TISSUE  Box  with Magnetic bottom closure,  for inserting your box of tissues and it has  a beautiful interior finish. 

This Black Leather Tissue Box measures  10.5" wide by 4.25" high  by 5.75" deep.

Perfect for holding a standard sized box of Tissues!

On the FRONT of the box has a   2.75" by  6" opening, ready to take your stitched needlepoint canvas, cross stitch or maybe a cherished photo.  This is a "BB" sized LEE canvas Insert,  but any canvas of this size will Fit. 

*** You can Easily Change your Canvas in the front to match a change in your decor!!!