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Tooth Fairy Canvas ~ Tooth Fairy Pillow BALLERINA 2 Canvas SET, HP Needlepoint Canvas by Kathy Schenkel

  • $79.95

Welcome to  Needlepoint By Wildflowers!  My goal is to offer you the finest hand painted needlepoint canvases from the most talented artists, stitching supplies, accessories and Professional Services.
Offered for sale is a lovely...
2 Canvas Set : the main BALLERINA canvas and a
separate Tooth Fairy Star Pocket canvas. 

Both hand painted on 18 mesh mono canvas by Kathy Schenkel Designs.  

The main BALLERINA pillow canvas design area is approx.  6" by 4".   The second small "Tooth Fairy Star" pocket is 1.5" by 1.25".  This Tooth Pocket will be sewn onto the main canvas by your finisher.
  This lovely design is hand painted.   Excellent Opportunities to use Fancy threads and Decorative stitches!
***** YARN UP is available for this canvas,  and all canvases I sell *****
Drop me a note to Request a YARN UP .  Cost is the Fibers used to Yarn Up the design.