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Faberge Egg of the Month ~ FEBRUARY Amethyst Birthstone EGG OF MONTH handpainted Needlepoint Canvas by LEE

  • $35.95

Faberge Egg of The Month for February
We begin our brand new Egg of The Month Collectors Series of Faberge Eggs.
The second in the series is the Amethyst ~ The February birth stone is the Elegant Amethyst,  and keeping with that color, I offer an Elegant Faberge Egg needlepoint canvas, hand painted in a soft shade of Amethyst Purple with a beautiful stylized blue Aster, green foliage and extensive pale sunny gold accents.  What a wonderful gift to stitch and give to someone who has a February Birthday or Special Event during the month.  
This gorgeous Lee Design is hand painted on 18 mesh canvas. The painted canvas is 4" by 3" with surrounding background area of approximately 6" by 7".
***** YARN UP is available for this canvas,  and all canvases I sell *****
Drop me a note to Request a YARN UP .  Cost is EXTRA,  for the Fibers used to Yarn Up the design.